My 16K Race Vengeance – Pilipinas Run 2017

Pilipinas Run 2017 | My 16K Race Vengeance


I registered for Pilipinas Run 2017 16K category as a tune-up race for Run United (RU) Exceed 2017’s 21K race. I was planning to run at race pace in RU Exceed and running 16K in Pilipinas Run can gauge my fitness for a 21K race.

My plans changed when I accepted the opportunity to become one of RU Exceed 2017’s cut-off runners. Not running RU Exceed in race pace translates to changing my Pilipinas Run race objective as well. I then took the Run Pilipinas 2017 race as a challenge to perform better than my most recent 16K race. My 16K race on the recent 7-Eleven Run 2017 didn’t go well resulting to a relatively sub par performance.


Arrival at the Race Venue

We reached Liwasang Ulalim at CCP at around 4am, an hour before our gun start. There was still ample parking space adjacent to the starting line so we were able to park hassle-free. We had enough time to do our pre-race rituals including a warm-up run and some stretching.

Few minutes before the race start, the hosts announced that the race would start a little late to wait for and be fair with a certain group of runners who got caught in traffic and were still not in the starting line. Duh, really? How about being fair with the majority of runners who made it a point to show up in the starting line on time? The second time the host announced the delay in start time, he got booed by the runners.


The 16K Race

The 16K and 10K runners were simultaneously released from the starting line at 5:05 am. My game plan was to run at 5:35 – 5:45 pace on the first 14K of the race, my race pace on my 8K race in Resolution Run 2017 in Nuvali last January 2017. I would push and give my all on the last 2K of the race.

The first half of the route included the Roxas Boulevard stretch with two flyovers to conquer. I was able to tackle the first two flyovers with ease and maintain my average pace at 5:35 – 5:45 as planned. I was thinking and hoping that I would still have enough strength to do the same on my way back.

Pilipinas Run 2017 - Fresh Legs
With fresh legs at the first half of the race. (Photo c/o Running Lion)


At around 8K after the turn around, I took my ActiveHealth Carb Gel in preparation for the remaining distance and the two flyovers that I have to conquer again.  Carb Gel seemed effective as I gained my second wind at around 10K.

Pilipinas Run 2017 - Carb Gel
Thanks Carb Gel for my second wind!


The two flyovers were harder to conquer the second time around. I had to psyche myself, focus more on my form and block the pain so I could keep my target average pace.

I somehow felt relieved after I passed on all the four flyovers. My pace slowed down a bit intentionally so I could give myself a chance to recover. I picked up my pace when I felt my heart and lungs were again ready to surge.

At 14K, I gave all that I have left on the tank as planned. I was thinking that time though that the route might be short of 16K because we were already somewhere near the finish line area at 14K.

Pilipinas Run 2017 - To the Finish
On my way to the finish! (Photo c/o Bicolano Runner)


Crossing the Finish Line

I crossed the finish line in 1 hr 24 mins 31 secs as recorded on my Garmin. My hunch was right, the route is short of 16K. The actual distance recorded by my Garmin is only 14.69K with an average pace of 5:45. Had I known, I should have given my all at the 12K mark. 😛

Pilipinas Run 2017 - Garmin
My Pilipinas Run 2017 16K race record as per my Garmin.


Extrapolating my finish time to 16K, I could have finished the entire 16K distance in around 1 hr 32 mins 03 secs which is ~ 9 mins better than my 16K performance in 7-Eleven Run 2017 of 1 hr 41 mins 44 secs. It was a 16K race vengeance! Race objective accomplished!

Pilipinas Run 2017 - Accomplished
Race objective accomplished!


After I got my finisher shirt, medal and “Proud Runner” plate as part of my race finisher entitlement, I waited for B at the finish line. B finished the 16K race in 1 hr 34 mins 43 secs.

Pilipinas Run 2017 - Medal
I love these Pilipinas Run 2017 16K medal and “Proud Runner” plate!


Pilipinas Run 2017 - B
B also has a better performance in Pilipinas Run 2017 as compared to 7-Eleven Run 2017. (Photo c/o Running Photographers).


My Official Race Performance

The race organizer didn’t release an official result so the self-timed records will be the official time of the participants.

16K Gun Time – 1 hr 24 mins 31 secs

Average Pace (at 14.69K actual distance) – 5:45 mins/Km

Overall Rank – No Official Results Released

Female Rank – No Official Results Released


I wasn’t able to perform a self-analysis of my performance with respect to the entire 16K field because there was no official results released.


Post Race

We couldn’t find vacant parking slots on the restaurants around the CCP area where we attempted to have our breakfast. We decided then to just have our breakfast in Festival Mall Alabang.

The newly opened Water Garden area in Festival Mall got our attention so we were led to look for a breakfast resto/coffee shop in that area. Seattle’s Best is the first open coffee shop/resto we saw, we immediately settled on having our breakfast there since we were already hungry. Hungry as I was, I ordered Big Breakfast 2 while B had Ham & Cheese Omelette and French Toasts.

Pilipinas Run 2017 - Breakfast
We deserve to eat!


Pilipinas Run 2017 - Big Breakfast
My Big Breakfast plate: Egg, Cocktail Sausages, Bacon Strips, Pancakes, Fruit Marmalade and a Cup of Hot Coffee.


Pilipinas Run 2017 - Omelette
B’s breakfast: Ham & Cheese Omelette, French Toasts, Fruit Marmalade and a Cup of Hot Coffee.


My Funko Pop reward for Pilipinas Run 2017 16K race is Star Wars’ C3PO.

Pilipinas Run 2017 - C3PO
Newest addition to my Funko Pop collection: Star Wars’ C3PO.



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