3rd Place Finish on My First Race of the Year – Resolution Run 2017

Resolution Run 2017 | My First Race for 2017


Resolution Run 2017 was my first race for 2017 as I plan to regain my fitness and get back into race mode this year.  I joined it’s 8K category as a tune-up race for my 7-Eleven Run 2017 16K race in February.

My body has just recovered from fever and colds a few days before the race. I opted to still run the race as I didn’t want my initial efforts to get my fitness back get into waste.


Arrival at the Race Venue

The race venue, Nuvali is within my area and is just a 10 minute drive from my place. We arrived at the venue at around 4:30 am, an hour earlier prior the 5:30 am gun start. There was ample parking space at the Evoliving area so we opted to park there and just took a 400 meter walk going to the starting line situated at The Monochrome. We had an hour to spare anyway.

We were at the starting line before 5:00 am and was able to witness the gun start of the 20K runners. Five minutes after the 20K gun start, I had my ~10 minute run warm up followed by my stretching ritual as I was expecting that the 8K runners will be released at 5:30 am as scheduled.

The hosts suddenly announced that there is a special 10K category for the PNP new graduates and they would be released prior the 8K runners. The PNP new grads were released past 5:30 am. I thought that 8K runners will already be having their warm up exercises a few minutes after but we were still made to wait standing at the starting line for reasons we didn’t know. Good thing that B and AHC co-mentor Rhina were with me at the starting line so I was less mindful of the passing time as we talked about running and triathlon.


The 8K Race

With just a quick 10 seconds notice and no warm up exercises at all, the 8K runners were released at 6:05 am. It was 35 minutes late from the scheduled gun start.

I started at a comfortably hard pace mindful that I wouldn’t be running at a pace that I couldn’t sustain throughout the 8K distance. 2016 was a non-racing year for me, I haven’t been racing so I’m no longer familiar with my sustainable race pace.

I was feeling good until I ran the steep incline at the Nuvali roundabout (around the 3K mark). I was gasping so I slowed down a little until I was able to recover.

The next 1K stretch going to the 4K U-turn was a gradual uphill. As I got nearer the U-turn, it was getting more difficult to lift my racing legs. I shifted my focus from my tiring legs to the thought of reaching the U-turn faster and sooner so I could hold on to my race pace.

What goes up must go down. The 1K downhill after the U-turn gave my legs and lungs a chance to recover, only to be punished again by the steep incline at the Nuvali roundabout (gasp!).

I increased my pace at the 6K mark, pushing myself on the last 2K. And then, the dreaded side stitch! It seemed that my breathing got out of sync with my stride brought about by my sudden change in pace. I slowed down for more than a kilometer as I struggled to find the breathing and stride timing that will ease the side stitch away.


Crossing the Finish Line

At last, around 500 meters from the finish line, the side stitch went away! I was able to up my pace for a strong finish.

Resolution Run 2017 - To the Finish
A few hundred meters away to the finish (Photo c/o Run Mania Philippines Promotions).


I crossed the finish line at a distance of 8.44K in 48 mins 01 sec, with an average pace of 5:41 mins/km as recorded on my Garmin watch. One of the marshals in the finish line put a “2nd Runner Up” identification around my neck. Another marshal asked and wrote down my name on the list of 8K female finishers.

Resolution Run 2017 - Garmin Finish Time
My Garmin says I ran 8.44K in 48 mins 01 sec.


Resolution Run 2017 - 2nd Runner Up
Tagged as 2nd runner-up female for 8K.


After refreshing myself with cold drinking water, I got a complimentary cup of hot coffee while waiting for B to finish. It didn’t take long until she crossed the finish line, B finished in 53 mins 44 secs ranking 7th.


My Official Race Performance

8K Gun Time – 47 mins 56 secs

Average Pace (at 8.44K actual distance) – 5:40 mins/Km

Overall Rank – No Overall Results Released, Only Top 10.

Female Rank – 3rd (Released Official Result for Top 10 is 2nd which is incorrect)

I bagged 2nd runner-up (3rd place) for my 47 mins 56 secs 8K performance. I was awarded with a certificate and assorted goodies from the sponsors. It was a good start for 2017!

Resolution Run 2017 - Awarding
I was awarded with a certificate and goodies for finishing 3rd place.


The official race result though reflected that I’m 1st runner-up (2nd place) which is incorrect.

Resolution Run 2017 - Race Result
Incorrect race result reflecting that I’m 1st runner-up (2nd place)  while I should be 2nd runner-up (3rd place).


I wanted to perform a self-analysis of my performance relative to the whole 8K field however, the race organizers haven’t released an overall result yet as of this writing (Feb. 1, more than a week after the race). The released result  included only the top 10 finishers.


Post Race

We had our post race breakfast at Denny’s Vista Mall. It’s the only breakfast diner/resto that we haven’t tried yet around the Nuvali area so we gave it a try.

Resolution Run 2017 - All American Slam
I had All American Slam for my recovery breakfast. A big plate of scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, two bacon strips, two sausages, fries and toast.


Resolution Run 2017 - Moons Over My Hammy
B got Moons Over My Hammy. A ham and scrambled egg sandwich with Swiss and American cheeses on grilled sourdough with fries as sidings.


Resolution Run 2017 - Coffee
Oh yeah, of course we had coffee!


Resolution Run 2017 - Denny's
Almost done with our breakfast.


As part of my tradition, I got myself a Funko Pop figure as a reward for finishing a race. My Resolution Run 2017 Funko Pop reward is Star Wars’ Captain Phasma.

Resolution Run 2017 - Captain Phasma
Latest addition to my Funko Pop race reward collection: Star Wars’ Captain Phasma figure.


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