6 Reasons Why I Love Running

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I’ve been running since 2009.  Running for the past seven years has been fulfilling and rewarding. It also entails pain and sacrifices. A number of my contemporary runners have come and gone in the running scene but I’m still here pounding the pavement either early in the morning or early at night. I may have laid low to shorter distances brought about by my shift of focus to multisports and by hectic demands of 9-5 job but I still see to it that I squeeze in a run workout in my weekly activities. What keeps me into this relationship with running? Here are the reasons why I love running…


1. Running maintains my fitness.

I’m one of the less fortunate ones who easily gain weight. Running burns extra calories thus trimming those unwanted bulges of mine. It keeps me within my ideal weight.

Running also improves my cardiorespiratory fitness as it is good for the heart and lungs. Heart muscles become stronger and lung’s oxygen capacity increases.

Love Running_Fit
The fit version of me.


2. Running drives my stress away.

Running releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are the “happy” hormones which relieve stress and anxiety. My mind feels clearer, lighter and more relaxed every after running.

Love Running_Endorphins
Happy hormones (endorphins) in action after a run.


3. Running builds my character.

Running teaches me discipline, perseverance and willpower. Strengthening these virtues builds a better character in me.

One of the race experiences that taught me the mentioned virtues was my quest to be a Milo Marathon Finals qualifier. Discipline, perseverance and willpower were keys for me to regularly sustain my 6 month, 4-5 times a week marathon training. I crossed the finish line in 4hrs 14mins, a Milo Marathon Finals qualifier and a person of better character.

Love Running_Character
It took me 6 months of training, discipline and sacrifices to be able to qualify to the Milo Marathon Finals. I crossed the finish line in 4hrs 14mins, my qualifying time then was 4hrs 20mins.


4. Running gives me a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

I always feel accomplished every time I complete a run workout despite my full packed daily schedule. More so, crossing the finish line of each of my races gives me a sense of fulfillment as it culminates the success of the training I’ve endured for each and every single race I joined.

Love Running-Sucess
Every finish line crossed is a celebration of success! (Photo c/o Bike King)


5. Running is a medium to gain new friends and learn new perspectives.

I met a lot of new friends and acquaintances from different walks of life because of running. We’ve shared both running and non-running experiences with each other. I can say that I learned a lot of relevant new ideas and perspectives from them that I have applied both in running and in life.

Love Running-Friends
With the Takbo.ph gang circa 2010.


6. Running gives me more reasons to travel.

As I continue on joining run races in the metro, I became familiar with the usual metro race routes that I wanted to try other routes. This crave for new race routes made me join out of town and even out of the country races. I’m glad that running made me travel more often as travelling to different destinations enriches my personal experience.

Love Running_Travel
Ran my second half marathon in Singapore!


There goes my list of why I love running. What’s yours?


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