A 4 Day Hong Kong Trip – Part 1 of Day 2: Celebrating my Birthday in Disneyland!

Hong Kong Part 1 of Day 2 | My Birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland

After our day 1 Hong Kong adventure, I was excited for day 2. It was my birthday and we would be spending it in Hong Kong Disneyland!

We woke up at 6:30 am. We needed to prepare ourselves and eat our breakfast before the shuttle’s arrival at the hotel lobby to transfer us to Disneyland. After an hour of taking a bath and dressing up, off we went for our breakfast.


Breakfast at Cafe de Coral

We had our breakfast at Cafe de Coral. We were given coupons worth 20 HKD (~Php 130) per head per day for our breakfast as part of our travel package however, it’s quite not enough for a regular meal in Cafe de Coral. Average price for a decent meal is at 25 HKD (~Php 162.50) so we needed to pay in excess of the 20 HKD per head breakfast coupon. Payment could be in the form of cash or Octopus card.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Cafe de Coral
Customer orders are taken at the entrance of Cafe de Coral.


Hong Kong Disneyland - Cafe de Coral Food Service
Ordered food are released and served inside at the far end of the restaurant. Can you spot me waiting in line for my food to be served?


We ordered a set meal of scrambled eggs with sausage, buttered toast and freshly brewed coffee for 25 HKD (~Php 162.50). We tried if it’s doable to squeeze in into our travel package’s breakfast budget of 40 HKD (~Php 260; 20 HKD per head) so instead of ordering another set meal, we had add-ons of Fried Vermicelli for 5.5 HKD (~Php 35.75) and a cup of freshly brewed coffee for 11 HKD (~Php 71.50). Our total spend for our breakfast was 41.5 HKD (~Php 270), 1.5 HKD (~PHp 10) in excess of the travel package’s breakfast budget.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Scrambled Egg Meal
This set meal of scrambled eggs, sausages, buttered toast plus a cup of coffee costs 25 HKD (~Php 162.50). The meal tastes relatively good for its price.


Hong Kong Disneyland - Meal Add Ons
An add-on of Fried Vermicelli costs 5.5 HKD (~Php 35.75) while add-on of freshly brewed coffee costs 11 HKD (~Php 71.50).

After we had our breakfast, we went to the hotel lobby to wait for our tour guide to pick us up at 9:00 am.

Hong Kong Disneyland - First Breakfast
Done with our first breakfast in Hong Kong, it’s Disneyland time!


Off to Hong Kong Disneyland

Our tour guide, a female Indian this time, arrived on time to pick us up and transfer us to Disneyland via a shuttle bus. The Disneyland tickets which are part of the travel package were given to us on our way to Disneyland. Our tour guide also offered us to buy 500 ml bottled water from them as they were selling it for 5 HKD (~Php 32.50) only as compared to Disneyland price of 20 HKD (~Php 130). We then bought our bottled water from them due to a huge price difference in Disneyland. Had we known that bringing bottled water inside the theme park is allowed, we would’ve bought ours in the grocery store wherein it costs 4 HKD (~Php 26) only.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Tickets
Our Hong Kong Disneyland tickets.


Hong Kong Disneyland Promenade

We arrived in Hong Kong Disneyland around 25 minutes after we were picked up. Our tour guide just announced where we will be picked up at 9 pm to transfer us back to our respective hotels then already left us. We were on our own from then on.

We were greeted by the familiar Hong Kong Disneyland arc on our way to the park entrance wherein all visitors stop to take their photos with it. So did we take our photos too. 😛

We have arrived, Hong Kong Disneyland!
We have arrived at the happiest place on earth!


It was still quite a long promenade walk going to the park’s entrance after the Disneyland arc. A few Disney attractions along the promenade walkway made the stroll enjoyable though.

Hong Kong Disneyland Grand Fountain
The Grand Fountain is an attraction along the promenade. There’s Mickey Mouse at the center of the fountain!


Hong Kong Disneyland - DOnald Duck Fountain
That’s Donald Duck at the Grand Fountain too! Not the one in white shirt but the statue behind her. 😛


Hong Kong Disneyland Park Entrance

After a few more minutes, we finally reached the park entrance. Our bags were searched for security check and we were reminded that selfie sticks are not allowed inside the theme park.

The first thing that delighted our visuals was the facade of Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Railroad Main Street t
We were greeted by the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station facade as we entered the theme park.


Hong Kong Disneyland Guide Map and Times Guide

We took copies of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Guide Map and Times Guide at the Information Kiosk before we started our tour inside Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s very helpful to have copies of them as Times Guide provides a schedule of shows and activities while Guide Map provides information on the locations of the different attractions.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Guides
Make sure to have these Times Guide and Map Guide at hand as they are helpful during the Disneyland tour.


As illustrated on the Guide Map, Disneyland is composed of seven lands namely (in clockwise direction):

  1. Main Street, USA
  2. Adventure Land
  3. Grizzly Gulch
  4. Mystic Point
  5. Toy Story Land
  6. Fantasy Land
  7. Tomorrow Land

We agreed that we would go around the seven lands in clockwise direction.


Main Street, USA

We were already about to enter Main Street USA when I heard someone calling my name. I was surprised with a thought bubble, “Am I not in the Philippines? Why is someone calling me?”  When I turned my head, I saw my office colleague. What a small world, we were both spending our company vacation in Hong Kong Disneyland.

I coincidentally saw my office colleague Jaycelle in Hong Kong Disneyland. It's a small world after all!
I coincidentally saw my office colleague Jaycelle in Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s a small world after all!


After a quick chat with Jaycelle, we immediately went inside the Main Street USA portal to start our time travel and fantasy adventure!

Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street Portal
Time travel anyone? Off to the time travel portal!


As we enter Main Street USA, we saw long time sweethearts Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse accommodating quite a long queue of visitors who wanted to have a photo op with them. I passed on the photo opportunity with Mickey and Minnie due to the long queue but when I saw my favorite Disney character Donald Duck together with Daisy Duck, I didn’t have second thoughts on falling in line on a long queue just to have my photo taken with Donald! A photo with Donald Duck would definitely make my birthday memorable!

Hong Kong Disneyland - Donald Duck
Birthday pic with my fave Disney character Donald Duck and his girlfriend Daisy Duck.


After our photo op with Donald and Daisy, we strolled along Main Street USA with B having a random close encounter with Dale of the chipmunk duo Chip and Dale.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street
Strolling along Main Street USA.


Hong Kong Disneyland - Dale
B got Dale’s attention. I wonder what they were talking about…


Adventure Land

We headed on to Adventure Land after our Main Street USA stroll. We were just 15 mins early for the Festival of the Lion King 12:00 pm show so we decided to wait on the line and watch the show.

The show was worth waiting for, I was glad we were able to watch it. The musical tribute to Disney’s The Lion King was awesome and spectacular. It’s a must see if one visits Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Festival of the Lion King
The Festival of the Lion King musical show is a must see in Hong Kong Disneyland, it was awesome!


Grizzly Gulch

Our next destination was Grizzly Gulch. The town has a mining mountain and gives a feel of the wild wild west.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Mining Mountain
Grizzly Gulch’s mining mountain.


Hong Kong DIsneyland - Town Jail
Caught inside Grizzly Gulch’s town jail.


We rode the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. My most favorite part of the ride was when the mine cars were climbing a steep mountain and its cable appeared to break sending us all back down in reverse. It was one hell of a ride!

Let's ride the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.
Prepping for the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars ride.


We're ready for the twists and turns!
We’re ready for the twists and turns!


Mystic Point

Our next adventure was at the Mystic Point, a land of mystery, magic and illusions.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Mystic Point
Now you see my right hand… now you don’t.


We were intrigued by the Mystic Manor owned by a certain Lord Henry and its Magneto-Electric Carriage so we entered the gates to satisfy our curiosity.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Mystic Manor
The Mystic Manor.


Our eyes feasted on Lord Henry’s collection of arts and artifacts as we entered the manor. In one corner of the manor, a monkey named Albert who happened to be Lord Henry’s friend suddenly appeared. Albert accidentally opened a mysterious music box which sent us to a magical and 3D animated tour of artifacts coming into life while on board the Magneto-Electric Carriage.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Albert
That’s Albert talking about him and Lord Henry.


I was mesmerized by the illusions and glittering dusts that I forgot to take photos of the magical tour. That was one cool experience!

Hong Kong Disneyland - Mystic Manor Exit
Exiting Mystic Manor. That was one cool experience!


Late Lunch at Explorer’s Club Restaurant

After covering four out of seven lands of Disneyland by foot, we felt the urge to eat our lunch. We didn’t notice it was already 2 pm. We ate at Explorer’s Club Restaurant since it’s the only restaurant in Mystic Point. It serves a diverse range of dishes from Japan, Korea, Indonesia and South East Asia.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Explorer's Club Restaurant
Food, finally! Explorer’s Club Restaurant offers a diverse range of Asian food.


Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer's Club Interior
Interior of Explorer’s Club Restaurant.


I got myself a Korean set dish of Roasted BBQ Beef Short Ribs Combo for my birthday lunch at 139 HKD (~Php 903.50). The meal also includes preserved vegetables, beef glass noodle soup, steamed rice and a glass of Coca-Cola drink.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Korean iIsh
My Korean birthday lunch: Roasted BBQ Beef Short Ribs Combo.


B ordered a Japanese Bento Box with Baked Salmon Combo for 139 HKD (~Php 903.50) which also includes preserved vegetables, mixed mushrooms, gravy, steamed rice and a glass of Coca-Cola drink.

Hong Kong Disneyland - Japanese Bento
B turned Japanese with her lunch of Bento Box with Baked Salmon Combo.


We were recharged after our hearty lunch and were ready to take on our next Disneyland adventure!

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