All About the Base – A Dinner at Sofrito Cuisine

Sofrito Cuisine | A New Dining Experience


It was a casual invitation by B’s friends for a Friday night dinner. They suggested a newly opened restaurant in BF Homes along Aguirre Ave. called Sofrito Cuisine. I took a quick browse on the net and saw that the restaurant has good reviews so I joined the invitation to try it out.

Sofrito Cuisine is located very near the intersection of Aguirre and Elizalde. I took the lone parking slot in front of Sofrito Cuisine while B’s friends parked in front of the next establishment. Apparently, parking slots are shared between adjacent establishments.

Sofrito Cuisine - Facade
The facade of Sofrito Cuisine located along Aguirre Ave. (near the corner of Elizalde)


The Place and The Name

The place is small and intimate, appropriate for groups who want to have conversations and catching up. The menu is a mixture of off-beat dishes which suits well to an adventurous foodie.

Sofrito Cuisine - Interior
Sofrito Cuisine interior.


Sofrito as explained by the chef is a Spanish word pertaining to a base consisting of garlic, onions and tomatoes cooked in oil. The main dishes of the restaurant are anchored on this base thus the name Sofrito Cuisine.



We started with Faux Slaw with Dalandan-Plum Dressing. It’s a toast topped with layers of avocado, sriracha mayo, shredded cabbage and dalandan plum dressing. The taste was subtly zesty and satisfying that made me crave for our next dish.

An order of Faux Slaw at Php 160 will definitely make you happy!


Next was a plate of Furikake Chips, thin slices of crispy fried potatoes with umami sprinkle. I love the crispness of the potato chips while the umami sprinkle brought a unique and delicious taste. I regret that I didn’t buy a packed version of it for take away.

Sofrito Cuisine - Furikake Chips
Furikake Chips! A serving costs Php75.


We also got two servings of Maya on the Nest. It’s basically Maya sashimi further flavored with nuoc cham, honey kimchi and jicama.  I don’t normally eat sashimi but this dish was an exception.

Sofrito Cuisine - Maya on the Nest
A serving of Maya on the Nest costs Php 160.


Main Dish

The first main dish served on our table was the Lasagna Roll Ups. It’s a different take on lasagna. Instead of the usual flat lasagna layers, it is rolled and stuffed with roasted chicken with fresh tomato sauce and kesong puti. I’m a sucker for dishes with fresh tomatoes and cheese, making Lasagna Roll Ups my most favorite dish that night.

Sofrito Cuisine - Lasagna Roll Ups
A full order of Lasagna Roll Ups at Php 280.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger was served next. It’s a medley of grilled cheese sandwich and grilled 1/2 pound beef burger complemented with apricot mustard and bearnaise sauce. The juicy, tasty grilled taste of burger was really delicious!

Sofrito Cuisine - Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger at Php 350


We felt the need to wash down the edibles so we got ourselves a bottle of beer each. A bottle of San Mig Light costs Php 50.

We continued with our food wonderland experience with a serving of Corned Beef Slab with Rosemary Aoili. It’s ensalada rice highlighted with corned beef and rosemary aoili. Not the usual corned beef from the can! They’re slabs of tasty and tender beef that melts in the mouth, beware as you might eat more rice than you should.

Sofrito Cuisine - Corned Beef Slab with Rosemary Aoili
Corned Beef Slab with Rosemary Aoili at Php 260.



We had a sweet ending with a serving of Financier. It’s almond cake made more exciting with toppings of coffee cream and chia seeds. This dessert does not taste so sweet, just enough for my liking.

Sofrito Cuisine - Financier
Not your usual Financier at Php 240.


Post Dinner

Our stomachs were full and our taste buds were satisfied when we called it a night. As B and I drove our way home, we talked about going back to Sofrito Cuisine to try the other interesting dishes.

Sofrito Cuisine - Happy
Four less lonely people in the world… we were all full and happy with the food experience!


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