Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! – Girls Ride Out 2017

Girls Ride Out 2017 | An All Girls Bike Ride in Nuvali


The first non-competitive ride out B and I joined together was last year’s ROX Bike Out Nuvali. I was with my road bike Yuki while B was with her mountain bike Andre. B enjoyed the experience though she was a bit intimidated because around 98% of the participants were male.

B was very excited and eager to join when she learned about the Girls Ride Out 2017 in Nuvali. It’s a non-competitive 25K all girls ride provided by Bell Joy Ride program. She urged me to register and join her on the event. It’s very seldom that she joins bike events so I obliged and registered ourselves.


Arrival at the Event Venue

We arrived at the event venue, The Coffee Trail Cyclery Solenad 3, at around 5:30 am. There were lots of available parking spaces so parking was not a problem. We went inside The Coffee Trail Cyclery at once to sign our waivers and get our respective Supacaz water bottles as included on the event goodies.

Girls Ride Out - Supacaz
Our Supacaz water bottles. The white-pink-blue one is mine, the same color as my bike Yuki. 🙂


It was starting to drizzle so we went inside the car while waiting for other participants to finish signing their respective waivers. After an hour, we proceeded to Solenad 3’s activity area for Yoga stretching, our warm up before the ride out.

Girls Ride Out - Yoga
Yoga stretching before the ride. (Photo c/o Prodigy Sports)


Marge Camacho of Light ‘N Up gave a brief introduction about the Girls Ride Out event after the Yoga warm up. The event aims to gather the lady bikers and give us a venue to ride together and get to know each other.

Girls Ride Out - Introduction
Marge introducing the girls ride out event to the lady bikers. (Photo c/o IC3 Photography)


The Ride

We were asked to group into two before we took off for the ride. The first group were those that are already riding for quite some time and familiar with the Nuvali route. I joined the first group, we were paced by a male rider.

Girls Ride Out - Ready to Roll
We’re ready to roll!


Girls Ride Out - First Group
The first group of lady bikers conquering the Nuvali roads. (Photo c/o Marge Camacho)


B joined the second group consisting of first timers and those that are relatively new to cycling. Their group was paced by Marge herself.

Girls Ride Out - B Waiting
B waiting for their turn to roll. (Photo c/o IC3 Photography)


Girls Ride Out - Second Group
The second group out on the road. (Photo c/0 IC3 Photography)


The rain started to pour real hard as we rode our way to our designated route. I was wiping my shades every now and then as the rain water droplets accumulating on the lenses were making the road less visible.  Our group decided to stop in front of Miriam College so we can check and regroup with the second group.

Girls Ride Out - Low Visibility
Low visibility brought about by the hard pouring rain.


Girls Ride Out - Regroup Miriam College
Regrouping with the second group in front of Miriam College. (Photo c/0 IC3 Photography)


As we regroup, the ladies expressed their concern about the safety of each other. The group agreed to cut the route short by making the u-turn at the Carmelray guard house entrance instead of the u-turn at the guard house inside Carmelray. We also cautioned each other to go slow going downhill since the roads were slippery. Marge asked the first group to go ahead as she waited for other lady bikers of the second group.

We finished the ride at a distance of  19.38K according to my Garmin.

Girls Ride Out - Actual Distance
Girls Ride Out recorded distance.


Post Ride

We got our Gatorade refreshment and finisher shirt as we finish the ride. I had small talks with other lady bikers while waiting for B to arrive.

Girls Ride Out - Goodies
Girls Ride Out goodies: Supacaz Water Bottle + Finisher Shirt + Discount Card (Photo c/o Prodigy Sports)


B arrived after around 30 minutes. She told me that she had a dropped chain around 500 meters approaching the finish. Good thing that there were good Samaritan bikers who helped her fix her bike. B enjoyed her second group ride out experience and is looking forward to join another group ride.

Girls Ride Out - Finisher
All smiles as B finished another group ride.


There were only a few open restaurants offering breakfast in Solenad 3. We chose to have our post ride breakfast in Banapple, one of our “go to” restaurants in the area  since we want to feel comfortable and have a big breakfast serving. I ordered Garlic Beef Tapa with Creamed Parsley Eggs while B had Banapple Bacon Meatloaf.

Girls Ride Out - Banapple Breakfast
Post-ride breakfast at Banapple.


Girls Ride Out - Garlic Tapa
My Garlic Beef Tapa with Creamed Parsley Eggs.


Girls Ride Out - Meatloaf
B’s Banapple Bacon Meatloaf.


Girls Ride Out - Hot Coffee
A cup of hot coffee completes every breakfast experience.


There was no Funko Pop reward for me for this ride out. My Funko Pop rewards are for official races.

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