Towards a Healthier Lifestyle with Barlico, a Coffee Substitute


Barlico | Barley and Chicory in a Cup

Press Release

A healthier lifestyle is now within reach! Barley and chicory, both superfood ingredients with awesome health benefits, are now in the Philippines. They come in an instant beverage that is easy, convenient and safe for the entire family.

Barlico - Variants
Barlico variants.


Coffee Substitute

One of the best decisions that can be done today for health reasons is to go for coffee substitutes. Either curbing caffeine consumption or simply going for healthier choices? Barlico coffee substitutes are 100% caffeine free and are made from nutritious ingredients. These makes Barlico a health-conscious alternative for individuals whose health conditions and preferences limit their caffeine consumption.


Barley and Chicory Benefits

Barley is one of the most widely consumed cereal grains in the world. It has high fiber content, loads of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that help with heart health issues and diabetes.

On the other hand, chicory a close relative of lettuce and cabbage, has woody and fibrous roots. It has a similar flavor as coffee when roasted and brewed. Among its many benefits include better gall bladder and liver function, improved bone health and more effective absorption of calcium by the body.

One can enjoy Barlico’s line of barley and chicory instant mixes. Its plant-based ingredients are rich in fiber, potassium, folate, and Vitamin B. Thus, it helps lower bad cholesterol, promote bone health, cleanse the digestive system, improve kidney function, and aid in urinary and reproductive health as proven scientifically.


Barlico in the PH Market

The ‘kick’ one gets from Barlico comes from energy in natural and plant based sources, and not from caffeine. It is available in different variants to suit every taste and preference. Its variants include Instant Coffee Substitute Granules (SRP Php 80) , 3-in-1 (SRP Php 80), Cappuccino (SRP Php 110) and Chocolate (SRP Php 120). Barlico will hit the shelves in stores and supermarkets nationwide starting September 2017. Currently, Barlico is available for online orders through its Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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Barlico is officially distributed by Densworth Corporation in the Philippines.

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