Hips Don’t Lie – My Hip Pain Therapy at Polarity Physiotherapy Center

Polarity Physiotherapy Center | Aide to My Hip Pain


I accepted an invitation to try the services offered by Polarity Physiotherapy Center. Polarity Physiotherapy Center is a premier facility in Quezon City that provides prehabilitation and manual therapy. They specialize in injury prevention, pain management and recovery.

A left hip pain has been restricting my left stride during running and causing numbness on my left leg during bike rides and long runs for years now. I was hopeful a visit at Polarity Physiotherapy Center would help me recover from this chronic hip pain. I booked a 4pm appointment on a Saturday.


The Place

Polarity Physiotherapy Center is located at #47 Examiner St. Brgy. West Triangle Quezon City, Philippines. As we entered the facility, a receptionist welcomed and assisted us at the receiving area.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Receiving
Polarity Physiotherapy Center’s receiving area.


There are seven therapy rooms which have a spa-like feel and a rehabilitation gym.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Therapy Room
One of the seven therapy rooms.


Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Rehabilitation Gym
Rehabilitation Gym


Patient Assessment

I filled out an information form and injury/pain assessment forms. After filling out the forms, Luis (my assigned PT) assessed my condition. He discussed with me the information I wrote on the form, asked me further questions and identified the source of my hip pain.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Assessment Forms
Filling out the assessment forms, hmmm…


I was assessed with a pinched nerve on my left hip. Luis recommended for me to undergo myofascial release and joint mobilization treatment.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Pinched Nerve
A pinched nerve on my left hip is the culprit.


Myofascial Release

Luis told me that repetitive biking + running caused muscle tightness around my left hip area. This muscle tightness consequently compresses my nerves resulting to pinched nerve. Myofascial release was then performed on my hip area, front & back upper legs and glutes. Myofascial release is a hands-on therapy which is somehow painful but tolerable as pressure is applied on the muscles. The scar tissue is broken down during pressure application, then the muscle and myofascia loosen and relax resulting to restored motion.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Myofascial Release
Myofascial release is tolerably painful.


Joint Mobilization Treatment

As part of my Joint Mobilization Treatment, I was asked to perform a mobility exercise called Thera-Band Clam Shells. It aims to strengthen the outside of the hip where both of my legs were wrapped with a thera-band just above the knees. I was asked to lie on my side with my knees together bent at 45 deg, then to lift one knee up and away from the other at 15 times repetition. I did the same on my other side.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Joint Mobilization Treatment
Luis guided me on how to properly execute the Thera-Band Clam Shells mobility exercise.



I felt the pain significantly reduced after my treatment. From a previous rating of 7 prior treatment, the pain lowered down to 3 post-treatment.

Luis also told me that my front upper leg muscles are stronger than my back upper leg muscles. He then advised me to continue on doing strengthening exercises on my glutes and hamstrings. By doing this, my front upper legs would not tighten much as it compensate for the weakness of my glutes and hamstrings.

Polarity Physiotherapy Center - Post Treatment
It was a worthy visit at Polarity Physiotherapy Center!


I was happy and satisfied with the service provided by Polarity Physiotherapy Center. Aside from significantly reducing the pain on my left hip, I also prefer its spa-like ambience compared to other clinics that give a “hospital feel” during therapy.

Thanks to Luis and Polarity Physiotherapy Center, I’m now on my way to recovery!


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