Limited Time Offer: 50% Rebate! 50% Rebate | Limited Tavel Promo

Press Release kicks off their six-week long holiday promo with a bang! They are offering an astounding 50% rebate as a means of saying thank you to their loyal customers. Yes, that means you get back half of what you spend! This is’s biggest and most ambitious giveaway to date as typical reward programs would only give you at least 1% to 5% rebates. 50% Rebate 50% rebate limited time promo.


Let’s further dissect what a 50% rebate means. If you book a hotel worth PHP 2,000.00, you automatically get PHP 1,000.00 back in reward points. With this, you can already book a room worth PHP 1,000.00 for free or use it to further lower the prices of your future bookings.

Take advantage of this weeklong promo which you can only avail from November 21 to 27, 2016. Now that it’s holiday season when staycations and out of town trips are trendy, you wouldn’t want to be left behind. So book your hotels now at and earn big reward points!


Post Script:

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