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ActiveHealth Community Mentors | AHC Mentors

One of the benefits of being a member of the ActiveHealth Community (AHC) is having an access to face to face training guidance from the ActiveHealth Community mentors. The AHC mentors are experienced athletes who serve as on-ground teachers assisting the members in their form and technique during mentor sessions. So, who are these AHC mentors? Let’s get to know them briefly.

Running Mentors
ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Carly
Carly Dizon
“I don’t settle to what I can do now, I always surprise myself by doing more.”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Allan
Allan Enriquez
“I always believe that every small step can make a huge difference”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Daves
Daves Espia
“Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition. Can’t stress that enough. Throw in some cross training too. It goes a long, long way especially to those who is passionate and committed in pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle.”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_CJ
CJ Lampad
“A marathon will make you a new person, you’ll be humbled by it but at the same time found a new meaning for self-respect.”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Jet
Jet Paiso
“No two races are the same. Keep moving. Keep progressing. Enjoy the journey!”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Rolly
Rolly Pangilinan
“Being healthy is a vital factor to a happy life.”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Rhina
Rhina Sison
“Determination is the key, so set your goals, train hard and believe in yourself.”


Triathlon Mentors
ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Kit
Kit Atienza
“I refuse to make age as an excuse not to push yourself harder. I believe that you can do anything as long as you believe you can do it.”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Jake
Jake de Guzman
“Some of the best stories I’ve lived through are those of triathlon races and long runs.”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Joseph
Joseph de Lara
“Keep the fire burning. Have the will to be at your strongest when you are at your weakest .”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Vanj
Vanj Endaya
“Consistency is the key.”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Chang
Chang Hitalia
” I make each race an opportunity to showcase a better and stronger ME!”


JActiveHealth Community Mentors_Jody
Jody Jacinto
“You pick yourself up when you fail and use it as motivation and experience to improve and exceed!”


ActiveHealth Community Mentors_Chance
Chance Vega
“Don’t be afraid to fail, train smart, and defy your limits.”

That wraps the roster of the AHC mentors. There are regular mentor sessions across different training areas in Metro Manila and Metro South. Joining in any of the scheduled mentor sessions is easy, just log in to the ActiveHealth Community website ( or download the ActiveHealth Community app from Google Play Store, go to “My Community” section and click “Join” on the mentor session you want to participate in. AHC members earn reward points everytime they join a mentor session.

Book a slot, participate and earn reward points! See you in one of the AHC mentor sessions!


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