My First Virtual Race – Tindog Surigao 33K Challenge

Tindog Surigao | My 33K Virtual Race Challenge


I was invited to join Tindog Surigao, a virtual race challenge with an objective of raising funds for the earthquake survivors of Surigao. There was no hesitation for me to join the challenge because of its noble cause. I selected the 33K virtual race distance among the available distances as it best suited my training plan. I just needed to log in my training runs and they would already be counted on the challenge.


First Run Installment

Wave 1 of Tindog Surigao 12 days virtual run started on May 6, 2017 . Occupied with several personal and work related activities, I was only able to log my first run on May 10, 2017. I sneaked in a quick 7K intervals run before preparing myself for work. My 7K was completed in 39 mins 35.24 secs (5:39 mins/Km ave. pace).

Virtual Race - 1st Run Installment
My first run installment: 7K Intervals.


Second Run Installment

I logged in my second run installment in the morning of Saturday, May 13, 2017. I was dead tired from the previous day’s jam-packed activities so I ran an easy 10K to perk up my Saturday morning. My 10K was completed in 1 hr 2 mins 14 secs (6:13 mins/Km ave. pace).

Virtual Race - 2nd Run Installment
My second run installment: 10K Easy Run


Third Run Installment

My third run installment was the day after my second run installment. I had a scheduled brick workout of 20K Bike – 3K Run so I was only able to log 3K. My 3K run off the bike was completed in 16 mins 12.92 secs (5:23 mins/Km ave. pace).

Virtual Race - Third Run Installment
My third run installment: 3K run off the bike.


Fourth Run Installment

May 15, Monday was supposed to be my rest day on running and multisport training. But since there were only three days left to complete the challenge and I still had 13K to run, I squeezed in an easy 7K run. My 7K run was completed in 44 mins 12.52 secs (6:18 mins/Km ave. pace).

Virtual Race - Fourth Run Installment
My fourth run installment: Easy 7K run.


Fifth & Last Run Installment

I ran my last run installment on May 17, the last day of Tindog Surigao virtual race challenge. It was raining hard but I needed to run so I could qualify on finishing the 33K virtual race challenge. It was a wet 6K run under the rain completed in 34 mins 53.22 secs (5:48 mins/Km ave. pace).

Virtual Race - Fifth Run Installment
My fifth and last run installment: 6K run in the rain.


Total Finish Time

I finished the 33K challenge in a total accumulated time of 3 hrs 17 mins 6 secs at an average pace of 5:58 mins/Km. As a qualified finisher, I was sent a Tindog Surigao finisher medal, finisher shirt and a thank you note from Virtual Race PH and Caritas Manila.

Virtual Race - Finisher
My Tindog Surigao finisher entitlement.


My Official Virtual Race Performance

33K Total Finish Time  – 3 hrs 17 mins 06 secs

Average Pace   – 5:58 mins/Km

Overall Rank – 4th out of 75 runners

Female Rank – No Official Result Released


My 3 hrs 17 mins 06 secs total finish time landed me on the overall 4th spot of fastest pace among all 33K virtual race finishers.

Virtual Race - Number 4
I am number 4! (Photo c/o VirtualRacePH)


I belong to the upper 5% of the entire 33K virtual race finishers based on the overall pace data of the 33K field.

Virtual Race - Pace Distribution
My average pace belongs to the upper 5% of the entire 33K field.


Post Challenge

The Tindog Surigao Virtual Race Challenge gave me an opportunity to help others in need and at the same time pushed me not to miss my training runs. Given another opportunity, I will definitely support another virtual run such as this.

I have no Funko Pop reward for this virtual race because it was just an accumulation of my training runs.


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