A Spot on the Podium of 2017 Powerman Philippines Asian Championships

2017 Powerman Philippines Asian Championships | 3rd Place Finish

I’ve been wanting to join Powerman Philippines since last year but 2016 was such a busy year for me that I wasn’t able to decently train and join races. Come 2017, I decided to put my eye on 2017 Powerman Philippines despite my struggle to train consistently. My mindset was to race accordingly on whatever I have put in training.

The registration fee is relatively expensive so I opted to register at Early Bird rate (Php 3,465). I scored a 2016 Powerman Philippines shirt for being an early bird registrant.

I joined two duathlon races prior 2017 Powerman Philippines so I could maintain a certain level of duathlon fitness.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Race Must-Haves
My duathlon race must-haves.


Pre-Race Activities

We drove to Clark, Pampanga a day before race day. After checking in at our hotel, we headed to The Red Crab (TRC) restaurant in Clark Parade Grounds to claim my race kit and attend the race briefing.

I got inside TRC via its front door, the place was crowded. After swarming through the crowd of the entire room, I still couldn’t find the race kit claiming area. I then asked a participant who was already holding his race kit and he directed me to a room behind TRC.

I finally found the race kit claiming area. Though crowded, the process of claiming of race kits was structured and organized. I got my race kit in around 10 mins.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Race Kit Claiming
Got my race kit!


We were requested to go to Clark Parade Grounds open area in front of the stage for the 6pm race briefing. The elites were introduced at the stage first prior the actual race briefing. I was able to visualize the run and bike course during the briefing but not the transition flow (entrance and exit). Visualizing the race is part of my race preparation thus I had to check on it the following morning before my gun start.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Race Briefing
At the race briefing.


2017 Powerman Philippines - Elites
The elites of the Short Distance being presented at the stage.


I had a plateful of rice, fried chicken and pancit for dinner then fixed my race stickers, race bib and other paraphernalia ready for the next morning’s race. B also helped me apply my anti-leg cramp weapon, the Kinematics Tex Strong Sports Muscle Tape, before I dozed off.


Arrival at the Race Venue

I had three mouthful servings of spaghetti and electrolyte drink before driving to the race venue. We arrived at Clark Parade Grounds at 5:15 am, 1.5 hours earlier before my supposedly 6:45 am gun start. Securing a parking slot was still easy by then. I assembled my bike Yuki, gathered my transition gear and walked for about a kilometer to check in at the Transition area.

I went back to the car to get more sleep as I waited for my gun start. My phone was put on alarm mode at 6 am so I can do my pre-race rituals before going to the Start Line. B ran around Clark Parade Grounds while I was sleeping.

2017 Powerman Philippines - SockGuy
B ran around Clark Parade Grounds on her pair of Zoot and new favorite technical socks brand, SockGuy.


My phone alarmed. I got up, fixed my race mode self, waited for B to arrive and immediately headed to the Start Line. I saw a friend, Tiff, at the Start Line area who would also race on the Short Distance. We had a mini pep talk for the race then did the warm-up and stretching together.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Tiff
With Tiff who also raced in the Short Distance.


The Duathlon Race (5K Run – 30K Bike – 5K Run)
5K Run + Transition 1

I ran the first 2.5K of the course at a comfortably hard pace. Then tried to pick up the pace after the turn around but I could feel my body resisting. I psyched my mind that I was already half-done on the course, that the remaining 2.5K was just short and I could endure to push for a faster pace. I did push myself… and was faltering.

The last few hundred meters of the course seemed to be very long.  I could almost hear my body cursing me for the suffering I was causing it. It was just the first run, I still needed to bike then run again… oh my!

I completed the 5K run in 28 mins 9 secs at 5:37 mins/Km pace (official).

2017 Powerman Philippines - Run 1
The last stretch of the run course seemed so long… (Photo c/o Run Snap)


At last, I reached Transition 1. Exhausted and disoriented, I missed on the lane where my bike was. I had to go back on previous lanes and tracked on the race numbers so I could find my bike.

Hurriedly, I changed to my bike gear, hydrated myself with water and consumed a pack of energy gel when I found my spot at the transition area. I got out of Transition 1 with my bike, still trying to recover from the 5K run. It took me 1 min 58 secs to get out of Transition 1 (official).

2017 Powerman Philippines - Transition 1
I finally found my bike, Yuki! (Photo c/o Powerman Philippines)


30K Bike + Transition 2

The bike course went through Manual A. Roxas Highway leading towards SCTEX. The first half of SCTEX was comprised of inclines and false flats.  There were portions I didn’t know I was pedaling up an incline until I felt my legs tiring out and realized I was on lowest gear.

Going back after the turn around was a relief. I enjoyed the speed going down and the feel of the wind on my face… until I reached back Manual A. Roxas Highway. It was a long stretch of gradual incline that exhausted my legs. As I approached the last stretch of the bike course, I was preparing my mind on what could happen in Run 2.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Bike Done
Bike course completed! (Photo c/o Run Cabanatuan)


My 30K bike course time was 1 hr 6 mins 38 secs and spent 1 min 25 secs in Transition 2 (official).


5K Run (Run 2) and Crossing the Finish Line

I ran in my capable race pace the moment I got out of Transition 2. I was tired but I knew I would endure the best I could. To fuel myself for the remaining kilometers, I consumed another pack of energy gel on the first hydration station.

I played a sort of game in my head so I could hold on to my pace. I would set my eye on a female participant running ahead of me and would catch and overtake her. One by one I overtook them, seemed like my little game was working for me.

On the gradual incline towards the last stretch of the run course (in front of Cycles and Brew), my legs were urging me for a break. I walked for around hundred meters so I could recover and run the remaining stretch at a relatively fast pace. That would be better than pushing myself to run the incline then run the remaining stretch at a relatively slower pace.

I was already exhausted as I ran the last stretch. I set my eye at the Finish Line area so I could continue on running… at last, Finish Line! My Garmin recorded a 2 hrs 10 mins 53 secs finish time.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Finish Time
Garmin finish time.


My Official Race Performance

5K Run | 30K Bike | 5K Run – 2 hrs 10 mins 50 secs

Overall Rank – 91st out of 525

Overall Female Rank – 6th out of 124

Female Age Group Rank – 3rd out of 31


I belong to the upper 17% of the entire Short Distance participants, 5K Run – 30K Bike – 5K Run (Men + Women).

2017 Powerman Philippines - Entire Field Distribution
My finish time belongs to the upper 17% of the entire Short Distance field.


While I got into the upper 4% of the entire women finishers of the Sprint Distance (5K Run – 30K Bike – 5K Run).

2017 Powerman Philippines - Short Female Distribution
My finish time is in the upper 4% of the entire Short distance Female field.



There was a covered post-race area in front of the stage where finishers can eat, drink and celebrate. We were served with a buffet post-race meal. I got rice, chopsuey, lechon and pork dinuguan for myself. There was also unlimited Heineken beer, bottled water and Starbucks iced tea.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Hydration
Choose your poison. Post-race hydration.


The awarding ceremony for the Short Distance started ahead of the Classic Distance. I didn’t know I was 3rd place in my age category until it was announced on stage. A podium finish was unexpected because I felt I fell short of mileage and quality training. I was happy and honored to stand at the podium of an international professional race.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Awarding
That’s me on the 3rd spot while Tiff got the 1st spot. A plaque and a GC were given to us, top 3 finishers. (Photo c/o Tiff)


2017 Powerman Philippines - Podium Award
My finisher medal and Age Group 3rd Placer plaque.


We no longer waited for the Classic Distance awarding ceremony. I got my bike and gear at the transition area after the Sprint Distance awarding and left the event.

By the way, I put into test a new technical socks brand, SockGuy, during the race. It didn’t disappoint, it is softer than other technical socks brand in the market and provides sufficient support during my run and bike legs. True to one of its taglines, “Performance + Style”, I performed in style with SockGuy at the 2017 Powerman Philippines Asian Championships.

2017 Powerman Philippines - SockGuy
Performance + Style with SockGuy technical socks.



B and I headed to Puregold in Clark to score good deals of some imported stuff. Then we had our lunch at Kimbob Time, a Korean restaurant across the street. B had Bibimbob while I had Bulgogi Rice. We also ordered Japchae and Tukpokki for sharing. All those food for only Php 386.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Bibimbob
Bibimbob satisfied B’s craving.


2017 Powerman Philippines - Bulgogi Rice
I’m still hungry, Bulgogi Rice please!


2017 Powerman Philippines - Japchae
Japchae, more carbo!


2017 Powerman Philippines - Tukpokki
Tukpokki is best eaten with a bottle of beer!


My Funko Pop reward for the race is another Star Wars character, Princess Leia.

2017 Powerman Philippines - Funko Pop
Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope… Princess Leia is the newest addition to my collection.


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