Podium Finish in Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 Leg 3

3rd Place Finish | Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 Leg 3


I had no plans of joining Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 Leg 3 until it changed its venue to Nuvali. I signed up for the race’s Sprint Distance since the venue was already in my playground and I was planning to join Powerman duathlon in October. It would somehow keep my duathlon fitness on my toes.

The race kit was delivered to my doorstep a few days before race day, very convenient!


Arrival at the Race Venue

I arrived at the race venue 1.5 hours before my category’s 6:30 am gun start. I parked at Solenad 3’s parking area since the parking space at Nuvali Evoliving area was already full. Once parked, I prepared my race paraphernalia, assembled my bike, Yuki, and headed to the transition area.

I got my timing device on one of the booths on my way to the transition area. It was a fast transaction, so as my set-up at the transition area. I had ample time to mingle and talk to other duathlete friends and do my usual run warm-up and stretching before the gun start.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Prior Gun Start
With my Evolve Yoga XTRM Tri teammate Richard Pepino prior gun start.


The Duathlon Race (4K Run – 20K Bike – 4K Run)
4K Run + Transition 1

The Sprint Distance was released around 10 mins after the Full Distance gun start. I ran based on what I feel, comfortably hard that I would still have enough energy for the bike and second run. As I was approaching 4K, I was giving attention on every signage so I wouldn’t get lost going to Transition 1. The bike transition was set-up on a different area as compared to previous duathlons of the same venue. I was cautious not to get lost and run an extra loop together with the Full Distance participants. I changed to my biking attire and consumed a pack of energy gel upon reaching Transition 1.

Based on the official result, I completed the 4K run + Transition 1 in 21 mins 45 secs (5:22 mins/Km pace).

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - To Bike Leg
Done with Run 1 + Transition 1. Off to the bike leg!


20K Bike + Transition 2

It was a windy bike course going through Nuvali’s lollipop loop. The headwind as I went up Miriam College and Republic Wakepark made my legs suffer. I was climbing at a lower gear than I usually do on those climbs. Good thing I have Kinematics Tex Strong Sports Muscle Tape on both legs, my legs didn’t show any sign of cramping.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Bike Leg
On the saddle I go! Those yellow Kinematics Tex Strong Sports Muscle Tape on my legs always makes wonders, my anti-cramp weapon.


It started to rain on the last 2K of the bike course. The rain freshened me up and boosted my energy. On the other hand, it also got the road slippery that I cautiously slowed down a bit.

I completed the 20K Bike + Transition 2 in 47 mins 10 secs based on the official result. The bike course was short of around 1.5K though.


4K Run (Run 2) and Crossing the Finish Line

I felt I was slow on the bike so my mindset when I finished the bike leg was that I would make up in Run 2. After running a few hundred meters, I felt the heaviness on my legs. I was thinking that after a kilometer or so, my legs would eventually recover from the bike leg and I would be able to pick up the pace. 1K… 2K… my legs just felt heavier and heavier. The last 2K was painful as I tried to keep up the fastest pace I could as my legs got heavier.

I crossed the finish line pushing myself in pain. It was very hard to smile on the camera as the pain still lingered even if I have already crossed the finish line. My second 4K run was completed in 23 mins 44 secs (5:56 pace) based on the official result.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Finish Line
A few meters after I crossed the finish line. Can you see the pain on my face? (Photo c/o Pilipinas Duathlon)


Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Finish Line Smile
That’s the best smile I could give for the camera!


My total racing time based on my Garmin is 1 hr 35 mins 03 secs.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Finish Time
Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 Leg 3 Sprint distance conquered in 1 hr 35 mins 3 secs!


My Official Race Performance

4K Run | 20K Bike | 4K Run – 1 hr 36 mins 28 secs

Overall Rank – 49th out of 240

Overall Female Rank – 3rd out of 48

Female Age Group Rank – 3rd out of 9


I belong to the upper 20% of the entire Sprint Distance field, 4K Run – 20K Bike – 4K Run field (Men + Women).

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Overall Result
My finish time is in the upper 20% of the entire sprint distance duathlon finishers.


I belong to the upper 6% of the entire women finishers of the Sprint Distance (4K Run – 20K Bike – 4K Run).

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Overall Female Result
My finish time is in the upper 6% of the entire sprint distance duathlon women finishers.


I landed 3rd place overall and on my age group for the Sprint distance with my 1 hr 36 mins 28 secs official finish time.


Post Race

I checked on the different booths in the activity area and chatted with friends while I was waiting for the awarding ceremony. I didn’t get bored waiting. It didn’t also took long before the awarding started.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Post Race
Mingling with friends (Richard and Will) after the race.


Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Jake Cuenca
With Jake Cuenca who also joined the race and bagged 3rd place in his age group.


As a 3rd place age group finisher, I was awarded with a bronze medal, 2 boxes of Nutribar and 2 small canisters of Pik-Nik. I was happy with the 2 boxes of Nutribar as I usually eat a bar of it for dinner.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Awarding
Got my bronze medal and goodies for finishing 3rd place in my age group.


Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Podium Finish
Happy finisher with a bonus of 3rd place finish!


B and I headed to Army Navy Solenad 2 after the awarding for our brunch. I had Hungarian Sausage breakfast meal while B got Adobo Flakes breakfast meal.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Post-Race Meal
My post-race recovery meal: Hungarian Sausage + Egg + Rice.


Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Brunch
B almost always couldn’t resist Adobo Flakes!


I got our cups of coffee from Krispy Kreme, I love the taste of its coffee! Since I deserve some extra calories, I also got two doughnuts for us, Salted Caramel and Amazing Glaze.

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Coffee and Donut
My cup of Joe + Salted Caramel doughnut.


Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Amazing Glaze
Amazing Glaze complemented with a cup of coffee!


I had another Star Wars character as my Funko Pop race reward for Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 Leg 3, it’s Chewbacca!

Pilipinas Duathlon 2017 - Chewbacca
My latest addition to my Funko Pop collection, Star Wars’ Chewbacca!


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