A Resurrected Duathlete – Duaman Duathlon 2017

Duaman Duathlon 2017 | My Duathlon Comeback


Work took much of my time the past years that I wasn’t able to join duathlons for almost two years. As part of regaining my fitness journey, I planned for a duathlon comeback this year and chose Duaman Duathlon 2017 as my comeback race.

I had a 12 week training plan for Duaman. I was initially religious on doing my training sessions (thanks to the holidays during the holy week) but started to falter towards the middle of the training plan due to work demands. Though somehow disappointed on how my training was doing, I just continued with it. I would try my best to allot time to train even if it means going outside at 9pm to run.

The night before race day, I had both of my legs taped with Kinematics Tex Strong kinesiology/sports muscle tape so I could avoid having cramps which I usually experience on duathlon races.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Sports Muscle Tape
My anti-cramp weapon!


Arrival at the Race Venue

The race venue was just around my neighborhood, Nuvali. We arrived at the venue at around 4:30 am, 1.5 hrs before gun start. The nearest parking field across the starting line area was closed, it was full of mud brought about by the rains the night before race day. We drove to the parking spaces around the Evoliving area but there was no longer an available slot. We then drove to Solenad 3 parking area where we got our car parked, 1K away from the starting line.

The race kit was only to be claimed during race day itself so I made sure I would have enough time for race kit claiming and fixing of race stickers/numbers. I got my bike’s front wheel assembled, prepared my race paraphernalia and went off to the starting line area.


Race Kit Claiming

It was dark and crowded at the race kit claiming area. There were ~1,500 registered participants reported and E Nature Ave. where race activities were to be conducted is just a two lane street so I was somehow anticipating a taste of chaos one way or another. As I got my race kit, I was asked to sign a waiver and I uttered, “Miss, wala akong makita at mabasa sa papel” (Miss, I couldn’t see and read a single thing on the paper). The lady manning the booth turned her mobile phone’s flashlight, and there was light, just good enough so I can read and sign on a piece of waiver.

I got out of the chaotic scene as soon as I got my race kit. There was mud on my right arm which I got from the wheels of the paticipants’ bikes queueing at the race kit claiming area. I got myself cleaned then fixed my race numbers and stickers. Once I was done, I headed on to the transition area, racked my bike and fixed my helmet, bike shoes and drinking water on my designated transition slot.

Meters away from the start line, isolating myself from the chaos.


I had a good 10 minute run warm-up going to and fro Abrio area followed by some stretching. I secured my spot at the starting line after my stretching ritual for the race briefing and race start.


The Duathlon Race (6K Run – 20K Bike – 3K Run)
6K Run + Transition 1

The 6K run is a 2 loop route. I started at a pace dictated by the participants in front of me, there was no space to overtake. The route became less crowded past the Abrio roundabout so I was able to engage at a comfortably hard pace. I was pushing myself to keep the pace on my second loop as I was not certain how I would fare on the bike portion of the race, I might as well be somehow ahead on the run.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Run 1
Pushing myself on the second loop of Run 1. (Photo c/o Active Pinas)


I finished the 6K run in 28 mins 41 secs (4:47 mins/Km pace) according to the official result released. It took me 3 mins 6 secs inside Transition 1 to change to my bike attire, consume half of my energy gel pack and hydrate myself.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Transition 1
Getting out of Transition 1. (Photo c/o SBR.ph)


20K Bike + Transition 2

I started the bike trying to catch up on my breathing from my previous run. As soon as I felt my breathing stabilized, I focused on the road and tried to bike harder, just hard enough that I could still run decently on the second run.

I’m familiar with the hilly Nuvali bike route so I thought I would be good, I just needed to keep myself safe. Not until after the U-turn at Republic Wakepark where we needed to bike back to Miriam College.  There was this steep climb between Avida Village and Avida Parkway Settings that I’ve already climbed a couple of times years ago (which was not supposed to be part of the original bike route). This time it seemed more difficult to climb, the inclined road had gone rough and rocky with time. I was climbing and puffing hard, this was the most difficult part of the bike route for me.

When I reached back Miriam College, I knew the rest would be easier since long portion of the remaining route is already downhill. I tried to relax and recover from the continuous uphill going back to Miriam College.

After passing through Nuvali roundabout, I climbed a short uphill in Nuvali Blvd cautiously overtaking a lady participant riding a mountain bike who is slightly swerving left and right as she pedaled her way up. Around 100 meters after passing her, I heard a loud shriek coming from my back. I looked back and saw the lady I overtook crashed on the road with another male biker on her left also crashed on the road.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Bike
Working on the last stretch of the bike course towards the finish line. (Photo c/o Activ Pinas)


I refocused on the road ahead of me and pedaled the last 2K of the bike course. I completed the 20K hilly bike course in 49 mins 43 secs according to the official race result and transitioned from bike to run 2 in 3 mins 13 secs.


3K Run and Crossing the Finish Line

I gave my all in Run 2. I was breathing hard and fast all throughout the course. The last ~500 meter stretch towards the finish line seemed like more than a kilometer as I struggled to hold on to my pace and block the pain. I finished the 3K run in 10 mins 38 secs according to the official race result (3:33 mins/Km pace).

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Finish
Almost there, hold on! (Photo c/o SBR.ph)


I crossed the finish line in 1 hr 37 mins 23 secs as recorded on my Garmin.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Garmin Finish Time
Duaman Duathlon 2017 done in 1 hr 37 mins 23 secs according to my Garmin.


My Official Race Performance

6K Run | 20K Bike | 3K Run – 1 hr 37 mins 16 secs

Overall Rank – 209th out of 1,139

Overall Female Rank – 13th out of 169

Female Age Group Rank – 8th out of 69

Summing up the total time of my Run 1 + T1 + Bike + T2 + Run 2 official times, it results to 1 hr 37 mins 16 secs which is also comparable to the finish time recorded by my Garmin watch (1 hr 37 mins 23 secs). However, the official total time released was 1 hr 47 mins 16 secs which is 10 mins longer than the correct total time. I randomly checked a few results of other participants in my age group and their official total time results are also 10 mins longer than the sum of their official Run 1, T1, Bike, T2 and Run 2 results.

I sent an email to the race’s time-keeper and reported the inaccuracy of the official total time released but didn’t get any reply. The result also remained uncorrected.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Finisher
Duaman Duathlon 2017 accomplished!


I belong to the upper 18% of the entire 6K Run – 20K Bike – 3K Run field (Men + Women).

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Entire Field Rank
My finish time is in the upper 18% of the entire full distance duathlon finishers.


I belong to the upper 7% of the entire women finishers of 6K Run – 20K Bike – 3K Run.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Women Finishers Rank
My finish time is in the upper 7% of the entire full distance duathlon women finishers.


As compared to my previous duathlon races of the same distance in Nuvali, this is my least trained race. Surprisingly, this is my fastest race result despite lesser training frequency and a more difficult bike route. I’m thinking that I might probably be overtrained on my duathlon races years ago.


Post Race

I had a quick catch up and photo-ops with my Evolve Yoga XTRM Tri teammates after the race. The team also received that day the kinesiology/sports muscle tapes from the new sponsor, Kinematics Tex Strong.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Teammates
With my teammates Donna and Roy. (Photo c/o Donna Gojo)


Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Kinematics Tex Strong
Thanks to Kinematics Tex Strong, the team’s new sponsor! (Photo c/o Donna Gojo)


I had my finishers meal of porkchop and rice but was still hungry. B and I then headed to Max’s Restaurant for our brunch. We had the signature Max’s fried chicken and rice, we were so hungry we forgot to take photos. 😛

My Funko Pop reward for Duaman Duathlon 2017 is Star Wars’ Darth Vader.

Duaman Duathlon 2017 - Darth Vader Funko Pop
Latest addition to my Funko Pop collection is Star Wars’ Darth Vader.


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