A Sneak of Summer in Puerto Galera

Talipanan Beach | Puerto Galera


It’s summer! Summer won’t be complete without hitting the beach. B and her friends arranged a quick beach getaway in Puerto Galera and I was welcomed to hitch with them.

They agreed to book in Sunny Beach Resort at Php 4,500 per night, good for 6 pax with free breakfast (Php 750 per pax). An extra bed for our seventh companion costed Php 500 per night which also included a free breakfast.


Commute Going to Puerto Galera

B and I decided to commute going to Batangas Pier where we would meet the rest of the gang to take the ferry going to Puerto Galera. We were not certain if we could secure a parking slot in Batangas Pier’s Park & Sail so driving going to the pier was crossed off in our options list.

We left our village at around 5:15 am and took a van going outside Nuvali (Php 20/pax). From Nuvali entrance, we took a jeepney going to Balibago Sta. Rosa at a fare of Php 18/pax. We arrived in Balibago at around 6am, the latest trip of the van going to Batangas Pier had just left. We were the first passengers of the next van and we needed to wait until the van was full.

Puerto Galera - Batangas Pier Van
This way going to Batangas Pier.


It was already around 7:15 am when the van got full with passengers and started its trip going to Batangas Pier. It was a test of patience and heat tolerance since the van’s air conditioning unit was only turned on when it was already full.

Puerto Galera - Waiting in Van
Waiting in van. It took us more than an hour waiting inside the van with air-conditioning unit off.


Lis and Mamelle who were already at the Batangas Pier terminal ahead of us bought us our round trip ferry tickets at Php 600 per head plus Php 30 terminal fee. Our ferry was bound to leave the pier at 9 am, it was already 8:50 am and we were still a few kilometers away from the terminal.


Ferry Going to Puerto Galera

We reached Batangas Pier terminal at exactly 9 am, and saw Chona and Kata also just getting off their bus from Alabang. The four of us ran towards the inside of the terminal in search of Lis and Mamelle, with hopes that we would be able to catch our 9 am ferry departure.

Unfortunately, we were not able to make it to our designated ferry but we were transferred to another ferry that left the pier at around 9:45 am.

Puerto Galera - Ferry
On board our ferry going to Puerto Galera.


Puerto Galera - Off to Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera, here we come!


Our ferry first docked on White Beach where most of Puerto Galera visitors stay. We didn’t get off since Sunny Beach Resort where we were checked in is located in Talipanan Beach. Not all ferry trips go to Talipanan Beach so we made sure that the ferry trip we booked would drop us there.

Puerto Galera - White Beach Shore
A view of White Beach shore from our ferry.


Puerto Galera - Talipanan Beach
Talipanan Beach is on that other farthest side after  White Beach.


After more than an hour on the water, we finally reached Talipanan Beach where Sunny Beach Resort is located. We were charged Php 50 each for environmental fee when we got off the ferry.

Puerto Galera - Off the Ferry
Talipanan Beach, finally! (Photo c/o Lis Pilares)


Sunny Beach Resort

Sunny Beach Resort is just a few meters away from the docking area, we saw it the moment we landed our feet on the sand.

Puerto Galera - Sunny Beach Resort
Hello Sunny Beach Resort! (Photo c/o Lis Pilares)


Puerto Galera - Lobby Mural
Sunny Beach Resort lobby mural.


We did a quick check of the area before we headed to our assigned room. Main attractions of the resort would be its relaxing patio, the bar and restaurant, and the small swimming pool.

Puerto Galera - Patio
The patio fronting the resort. (Photo c/o Lis Pilares)


Puerto Galera - Bar
The bar and restaurant on the front side of the lobby. (Photo c/o Lis Pilares)


Puerto Galera - Swimming Pool
There is a small swimming pool inside the resort.


Our room was ample enough for the seven of us and had three spacious beds. It had all the basic stuff I look for in a room – clean bed sheets, air conditioner, television, own toilet & bath and wi-fi.

Puerto Galera - Hallway
The hallway leading to our room.


Puerto Galera - Our Room
A peek inside our room.



All of us were already starving. B and I haven’t eaten our breakfast yet and it was already past 12 noon. We scouted the line up of restaurants along the shoreline but still ended up to Sunny Beach Resort restaurant. We ordered 2 orders of pork sinigang, 1 order of calamari, 1 order of pan-fried tanigue in butter sauce, 6 cups of rice, 3 cans of pineapple juice and a can of soda.

Puerto Galera - Pork Sinigang
My favorite, Pork Sinigang!


Puerto Galera - Calamari
Another fave, Calamari.


Puerto Galera - Fish
Pan fried Tanigue in Butter Sauce completed the list.


Puerto Galera - Full Lunch
All full and recharged.


Desserts and Coffee in Infinity Resort

Our stomachs were already full but our palates were still craving for more. We then decided to have desserts and coffee in The Brae, Infinity Resort’s restaurant. Infinity Resort is just a few meters away from Sunny Beach Resort.

Puerto Galera - To Infinity
To Infinity and beyond… hehe.


Puerto Galera - Infinity Pool
The infinity pool of Infinity Resort.


Puerto Galera - The Brae
Facade of Infinity Resort’s The Brae Restaurant.


We got ourselves Iced Coffee to beat the summer afternoon’s heat and complemented it with S’mores and Banana Trio.

Complimentary bread and dips were served to us while waiting for our orders.


Puerto Galera - Iced Cofee
Nothing beats the heat and drowsiness of summer afternoon but a glass of Iced Coffee at Php 95.


Puerto Galera - Smores
S’mores at Php 135.


Puerto Galera - Saba 3 Ways
Banana Trio was served with vanilla, caramel and muscovado dips at Php 185.


Puerto Galera - Coffee and Dessert
Bittersweet memory (coffee and dessert, right?).


Roaming in Talipanan Beach

I took some time to roam around Talipanan Beach after our coffee and dessert while we were waiting for Don, our seventh companion, to arrive. I love that there were only a few people in Talipanan Beach, I could relish more the serenity that the sea, sun and sand bring.

Puerto Galera - Talipanan Beach
Loving the stillness of Talipanan Beach.


Puerto Galera - Glimpse of the Pool
Checking on our resort’s swimming pool.


White Beach

Don has arrived in Puerto Galera but his ferry was only able to drop him in White Beach. The group decided to just go to White Beach and spend the rest of the day there. We rented a multi-cab for Php 800 that would send us to and fro White Beach.

Puerto Galera - Multicab Ride
Our multi-cab ride going to White Beach.


Puerto Galera - Far View of White Beach
A view of White Beach from higher ground.


There were lots of vacationers swarming White Beach and we had to traverse the whole shoreline to meet Don in one of the food stalls near the end of the beach. After meeting him, we went back to find our slot among hundreds of benches where we could standby and drink Mindoro Sling.

Puerto Galera - WHite Beach
Getting dark in White Beach. (Photo c/o Lis Pilares)


B asked me to swim with her and Mamelle before we started our Mindoro Sling session. I refused to go because of the large number of people in the water, I don’t usually enjoy a crowded place. I prefer the more exclusive feel of Talipanan Beach.


Mindoro Sling Session

B and Mamelle just had a quick dip in the water. We started our Mindoro Sling session immediately after they joined us back.

Puerto Galera - Mindoro Sling
A tower of Mindoro Sling for Php 700!


Puerto Galera - Cheers!
Cheers! (Photo c/o Lis Pilares)


Mindoro Sling tasted good that I was able to drink two glasses in just a few minutes. On my third glass, I was reminded that it is infused with Tanduay (an alcoholic drink) as I started to feel dizzy. As the sun started to set, my eyes also started to droop as I continued to take glasses of Mindoro Sling.

Puerto Galera - Shades
My shades hide a thousand words. (Photo c/o Don Nuqui)


Puerto Galera - Sunset
White Beach sunset. The shore and water were still crowded.


Boodle Fight Dinner

We had the urge to have dinner after finishing our tower of Mindoro Sling. We ordered Boodle – Boodle Gang in one of the food stalls for our dinner. It was a boodle set of rice, clam soup, shrimps, grilled squid, grilled tilapia, clams, mussels, grilled liempo, chicken barbecue, salted egg and pancit.

Puerto Galera - Boodle Boodle Gang
Boodle Boodle Gang at ~Php 1,400.


So that we need not transfer to another table for our dinner, we assured the server of the Mindoro Sling stall that we would order another tower after our dinner. So did we order another tower, after just a few glasses I was already feeling woozy. I left the group to watch the fire dancing act at the beach with a side motive of getting a bit of fresh air to be sober.

Puerto Galera - Fire Dance
Fire dance by the beach.


A band started to perform after the fire dance act. The customers on the adjacent stalls also started their videoke session. With the band performing simultaneously with the videoke session, it was a tremendous noise! We could no longer bear it so we already decided to go back to our resort in Talipanan.

Upon reaching our resort, we took a dip in the pool and had a glass of beer each before we took a bath and had our good night’s sleep.


Breakfast Fronting the Beach

We woke up early the following morning because we were informed that the only ferry trip on that day would leave Talipanan Beach at 9am. We availed our complimentary breakfast and had a chill breakfast fronting the beach.

Puerto Galera - Breakfast
Breakfast fronting Talipanan Beach.


Puerto Galera - American Breakfast
I had American Breakfast: Bread + Bacon + Egg + Butter & Marmalade + Watermelon


Puerto Galera - Filipino Breakfast
Some of us had the other option, Filipino Breakfast: Longganisa + Egg + Rice + Watermelon


Puerto Galera - Coffee
Unlimited coffee, yay! 😀 (photo c/o Lis Pilares)


A vendor selling bukayo at 3 packs for Php 100 approached us. We initially bought a few for breakfast but because it tasted good, we bought more for pasalubong.

Puerto Galera - Bukayo
A pack of bukayo laid on a plate.


Going Home

We learned that there was still an 11 am ferry trip leaving Talipanan Beach so we had more time preparing and packing our stuff. We were tired and lacked sleep thus sleeping during our trip going home was inevitable.

Puerto Galera - Going Home
No pillow, use your elbow (B and Kata sleeping).


I enjoyed my first visit in Puerto Galera but I wasn’t able to do one important thing, swim! I have to go back and swim… and snorkel!

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